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August 2008
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What’s All The Fuss About Bias Tape Makers

I’ve found the GREATEST tutorial about how to use a relatively new tool — bias tape maker.  The tutorial is at NicoleMDesignBlogspot, and it’s a FABULOUS tutorial!  My next purchase is going to be one of these handy little tools!

So what’s all the fuss about Bias Tape Makers…?

…They will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, that’s what!!! Little wonder that a few were mentioned on “This Is My Trade Secret” posts, or in the comments following. I particularly like the Clover Bias Tape Maker (well, Clover seem to do a pretty good job of just about EVERYTHING, don’t they?). Since discovering them I’ve bought one in every size and have been happily binding anything I can possibly bind. After years of doing this the LONG WAY around, I can’t get over how quick it is now.
A bias tape maker makes perfect bias tape in the fabric of your choice, and makes it so that the seam allowances go ALL THE WAY TO THE CENTRE (unlike the store-bought variety), so there’s little chance of fraying edges if you go a little bit wobbly with your stitching!!

A quick tutorial….Using both the 6mm and 18mm Clover Bias Tape Makers (in case you were wondering

1. Measure a bias strip to the width specified in the instructions (in the packet) for your particular size bias tape maker. A quilting ruler and cutting mat make this super-quick and accurate (both ruler and board usually have bias guides, so you can follow whichever is easiest for you).SnnnnnnnniP!… a rotary cutter makes this a breeze. If you haven’t got one you’ll just have to use old fashioned ruler, chalk and scissors. Cut your bias strip out.
3. Cut one end of the bias strip to a point to make it thread more easily through the little wonder-gadget. With the Clover 6mm bias tape maker there’s a handy little hole in the bottom that allows you to move the fabric through with a pin. Aren’t Clover clever…? They think of EVERYTHING!4. With the iron in one hand and the little handle of the bias tape maker in the other, simultaneously slide the bias tape maker backwards and press the tape immediately as it comes out at the front. The raw edges will be folded neatly into the centre of the tape.Now you have lots of lovely bias tape to make pretty bound edges or decorative applique on bibs, bags, purses, pockets, pot-holders… you name it.

Isn’t that easy…?

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