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August 2008
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Does Your Ad Contain AIDA????

Advertising can be a small classified ad in a magazine, a full page display advertisement or a website consisting of several pages of “copy” and related material leading to the same end – the selling of your product or service.

A good ad, regardless of what type it is, must have four key elements, which we refer to as the AIDA principle:  (A)  get their ATTENTION,  (I) hold their INTEREST,  (D) arouse DESIRE in the potential customer to want your product,  (A) make them take immediate ACTION to order from you.

(A)  Get the customer’s attention.  The first few words must get the attention of the reader.  It must make the reader open his eyes and make him really want to know what you are offering.  The most famous come-on attention getters are the words  “GET RICH!”  And you must admit, it does get your attention.  I wouldn’t advise using those over-used words, but other words that work equally as well are words like, NEW, EASY, FAST, FREE, AMAZING, HOW TO,  PROVEN, SAVE, MAKE MORE MONEY, GET, ONE OF A KIND.  These are key words and phrases that will draw attention to your ad.  Think about how these or similar type words can be worked into your ad or website.

(I)  Hold the potential customer’s interest.  A good sales pitch gets the prospect involved at once.  A few persuasive words can motivate people to order from you, if used correctly in the course of your advertisement or web page.  These words will arouse more desire and interest on the part of the prospective customer.  Make your sales pitch so inviting and exciting that the customer can’t quit reading.

(D)  Raise the desire level of the potential customer in a way that he/she simply can’t live without your product or service.  A good premium incentive, such as something FREE, to go along with your product or service will certainly increase the desire to order your product.  However the incentive must indeed be “free” or something useful, or it may backfire on you, causing the potential customer to think they are being tricked.

(A)  Lead the prospective customer to ACTION!  Right now,  while the desire is the greatest, tell the customer how to order the product or service.  Give an 800 number for them to call, or if this is an item on your website, make sure to have the “BUY NOW” button very visible!  If the product is to be ordered, give the complete address, double checking BEFORE you place the ad that the address is written right.  I have personally sent for information only to have my letter returned “no such address”.  The individual I ordered from had a great sounding advertisement and a great sounding product, and the only problem was that the ordering address was WRONG!  How much money was wasted on that advertisement??????

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