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July 2008
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Seamstresses and Alterationists – Bring Out Your Scraps!!

We’ve talked about fabric scraps previously and the need to save them and categorize them for easy access.  Today, we’re going to talk about two craft items that can be made out of your scraps — to be used by yourself, given as gifts, taken to a craft fair or put on ebay.  Anyway you look at it, scraps equal dollars!!!

Scrap Tote Bag –

The scrap tote bag is very quick and easy to make! Cut scraps of fabric into squares and strips, as shown in the picture, and sew them into two 12” x 16” pieces. The scrap pieces don’t have to be the same length or width – just use assorted pieces to sew together.

Cut two 12” x 16” pieces of lining fabric to use as backing for the tote bag.

Make handles out of another piece of scrap fabric, cutting the handle pieces 2” wide and 18” long. With right sides together, sew each handle. Turn the handles right side out with a loop turner and press.

Match the lining pieces to the “tote” pieces having the right sides together. Position the handles into this top section, placing the handles between the tote piece and the lining fabric. Sew the top edge of each of the sets, and turn so the right sides of the tote are on the outside and the handles are in place. Topstitch along the top to keep the handles from pulling, when you use the tote bag.

Put tote bag pieces together with right sides together and sew the side seams and bottom seam. Turn inside out to complete the scrap tote bag.

The tote bag can be used to take to the beach, as a shoe carrier or knitting bag – you name it – this is a very versatile tote bag that can be made for gifts or to sell at flea markets.

Strawberry Jam Jar Topper

For those of you who have fresh strawberries and might like to give some jars as gifts, this jam jar topper is a perfect finish to your home made jam.

My daughter and her husband have some honey bee hives.  They are just now in the process of gathering and extracting the honey, and I think this topper would be perfect with a little honey bee decoration on it. They will be attending a local honey bee festival later this fall, so wouldn’t this topper look great on the jars — just ready for people to buy to use themselves or give as gifts.

This topper is made out of felt pieces, narrow ribbon and a little stuffing for inside the strawberry.  You could use this same idea for blueberry jam, grape jelly or jam or whatever you might be making.  You could substitute the strawberry for other fruit decorations as you choose.

Here’s the link to the strawberry jam jar topper tutorial, and for additional tutorials and craft ideas visit Patterns That Fit You.com.

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  1. beki says:

    Thanks for reminding me about scraps – my scrap baskets are overflowing!

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