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June 2008
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GeMagic Stud Setting Machine

The GeMagic Stud Setting Machine is indeed a “magic” machine!

This tool is put out by the Harvest Direct company, and is available in WalMart for around $20.00.

The package contains the main stud setting machine, shown above, as well as a portable “MiniMagic” tool that is portable so you can carry it from room to room to do decorating.  It also contained 300 assorted studs – rhinestones, gemstones, and stars.  The machine comes with a little booklet that gives you ideas of projects you can use the machine on, such as stud designs in jeans, on t-shirts, shoes, purses, belts, craft items, scrapbooking albums, and other home decor items. Also included are pages and pages of designs that can be used for your decorating, and hints and tips for ease of use.

I would say that if you are buying one, look inside to make sure the little cardboard “box” that holds all the studs is inside.  The first one I bought the box was missing, so had to take it back to get one that had the little box of stud packages.   Also, if you are planning on selling these in your store, flea market or out of your shop in your home, be sure to open each box to be sure the studs are inside.   AND, when you sell one to a customer, open the box to insure that the little box is inside, and hasn’t come up missing.

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